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The FAEI Project

FAEI – Fine Arts Expert Institute SA is a private, independent company based at Geneva Freeport. Founded in 2009, its purpose is to provide all players in the art market with objective and reliable scientific expertise on the subjects of authenticity, dating and the state of conservation of works of art and other cultural objects (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, archaeological and ethnographic objects etc.).

With its multidisciplinary team from museum and academic backgrounds and a scientific laboratory of more than 330 m2 featuring state-of-the-art technology, FAEI is today one of the best equipped private laboratories for the scientific investigation of works of art in the world.

In a market where forgeries and objects with fraudulent attributions are abundant and where it is often difficult to determine the provenance of an artwork or the restorations it has undergone, scientific analysis has now become an essential and indispensable element of due diligence, caution and information.

In addition, scientific results judiciously presented in their context serve to enhance the value of an original work of art as they add to our knowledge about the history of its creation, the artist’s technique (preparatory drawings, hidden features etc.), as well as its relation with other works by the same artist.