Procedures and Ethical Charter

In accordance with our general terms and conditions, unless a different agreement has been made, FAEI guarantees the strictest confidentiality of any data provided by the client and of all analytical results.

FAEI only uses analytical techniques recognized by the scientific community, methods which have been demonstrated by internationally renowned laboratories to be reliable, and for which reference data and publications exist.

FAEI establishes detailed analytical reports permitting any other competent laboratory to reproduce and verify the results presented.

FAEI does not undertake sample-based analysis requiring the removal of micro-samples from the artwork unless this is indispensable for the investigation requested by the client. Samples may only be taken following explicit approval by the client or his legal representative.

FAEI bases its interpretation on scientific reference publications and will always quote its sources.

In an authenticity study, FAEI does not make definitive statements of attribution, positive or negative, to a particular artist or school. Conclusions in FAEI’s reports always take the form of an objective comparison between the material characteristics and techniques of the artwork in question, and relevant reference data for the presumed artist.

FAEI follows attentively any scientific advances in the field of art technological studies (technological developments, research projects, conferences, continuing education courses, publications).

FAEI is totally independent from the art market and has never got any interest in the artworks undergoing analysis. The charge for FAEI’s services is therefore independent of the value of the artworks. FAEI never takes any commission in case of positive results or a subsequent sale.

FAEI does not provide estimates of market values.